Cultural Heritage Tourism is about sustainability, authenticity, and inpsiration.  

Our Mission


Shuar Cultural Center has the mission of providing a cultural center that promotes the value of cultural identity, the safeguarding and transmission of the Shuar culture, and the conservation of the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.


Demonstrate the importance of the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, with the vision of sharing the Shuar perspective of nature to the world, rescuing the cultural heritage of the Shuar people. We apply eco-tourism techniques through a lodging service and quality tourist activities, safety, comfort, and fun, satisfying the needs and requirements of our visitors.


  • Shuar Cultural Center focuses on creating a space that allows the safeguarding of the Shuar culture.

  • Concentrate on recognizing and valuing the ancestral knowledge and practices that are passed from generation to generation.

  • Transmit ancestral knowledge in a fun and mystical way so that our visitors and future generations connect with their tangible and intangible emotions with the balance of humanity and nature.
Elegance, kindness, and positivity of the femenine energy
Honor to crops and handicrafts
Care of the garden and knowledge of the types of plants, pottery and food
Service - Liberty - Life
Strength and protection of ancestral knowledge and the jungle

We are a Shuar community that promotes experiential or knowledge tourism as the main alternative to learn about ancestral knowledge and link it with adventure activities in the Amazon jungle. 

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