With safety and care as our priority, ancestrally trained Shuar experts will guide you in a unique experience to balance your spiritual energy.

“The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without”            – Ernest Hemingway


We are located on the south/east bank of the Napo River, in the Flor del Pantano community,  within the Yasuní biosphere reserve

Bus to the city of Coca
A bus from the Trans Esmeraldas or Baños company leaves from the station in Quito, located in Carcelén (in the northernmost area of the city of Quito) or from Quitumbe (located in the south of Quito) at 11 pm (the day before at the beginning. The trip lasts 7 hours. Your guide will meet you in Coca.

In Coca – Address: Eugenio Espejo and Amazonas (next to the safari hotel)

In Coca our guide will transfer you to the Malecón, where we will board a motorized canoe to navigate the Napo River. During our journey down the Napo River, you will enjoy the opportunity to observe the unique flora and fauna of the area. We will travel along this river for approximately 1 hour until we arrive to Shuar Cultural Center

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Shuar Cultural Center offers cultural immersion tours focused on bringing our visitors into the world of Shuar cosmovision where we live in balance with nature and jungle spirits. 



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    We are a Shuar community that promotes experiential or knowledge tourism as the main alternative to learn about ancestral knowledge and link it with adventure activities in the Amazon jungle. 

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