Shuar Jimia

Ancestral Hot Peppers

This plant has been part of our cultural heritage for generations, it has been used for taste purposes in the accompaniment of our gastronomy, meats, fish, broths and more. Another form of use was torture for the enemies and punishment for the disobedient, they tied the individual to a trunk and smoked him with this plant, the burning and itching of the air was his torment.

As part of our contribution to the sustainability and rescue of our traditions, we have developed a new line of products for culinary art, such as “SHUAR JIMIA”, made from chili used ancestrally by our grandparents, seasoned with salt and Shuar spices.

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    We are a Shuar community that promotes experiential or knowledge tourism as the main alternative to learn about ancestral knowledge and link it with adventure activities in the Amazon jungle. 

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